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PKMNSkies App :: Barbara J. Vogelsang by AutumnPalette
PKMNSkies App :: Barbara J. Vogelsang

I been missing Pkmn-Crossing for a long time, and since I can't use Sheppard outside of Armonia, I been planning a new character. Or rather two.
This is one of those two characters, the other I found oddly difficult to draw, so here is the first. And look at that, a Pinsir granny, let's see what she might have. (^:



Name: Barbara Josefina Vogelsang

 68 years old


Species: Pinsir (#127)

Hometown: Driftveil City, Unova

Birthdate: February 08

Height/Weight: 4' 11" ft / 147.3 lbs

Nature: Adamant

Summary Characteristic: Likes to Run

Ability: Moxie

Personality: Barbara is a woman who has aged with experience, and will make that clear to anyone who questions it, even to those close to her. Being an outspoken bug-type Pokemon, Barbara is frank with her words and thoughts on matters, also, while she isn't always harsh, there are rare moments when her emotions take over and she comes off being blunt or rude. Yet she is a capable insect, and can manage well on her own, having enough common sense and energy to preform tasks that require great effort by herself; however, will turn to someone if a hand is truly needed, as she realized in life that not everything can be done by her own hands. 

This Pinsir dislikes sitting around and doing nothing, preferring to be active with her body, whether it is doing the laundry, singing, digging outside, running, so long as Barbara is in motion, or any part of her for that matter, she is content; yet there are times when the beetle will sit and wait, though it isn't often. Except it can't always be a plain old task to keep her interest, there needs to be some spark of fun, as the Pinsir desires some cheer and enjoyment in life. The beetle may be a hardened woman, but it doesn't mean she can't be a lively, fun-loving one. While Barbara's eyes appear shut, she is actually rather observant of her surroundings and the Pokemon around her, making small mental memos of what she sees, as well as picking up on objects or oddities in the background.

Outwardly, Barbara is rather bamboozling, but internally the Pinsir truly is a deceitful bug, at times lying or misleading others to further her own benefit. The Stag Beetle Pokemon cares mostly for herself, and what she believes in, rarely setting that aside for someone else, making her disloyal as well; while she isn't entirely backstabbing nor irresponsible, she will break promises to those who are even family. True to her nature, Barbara is adamant, refusing to have her mind be swayed or altered if she believes herself to be in the right, which can produce arguments with those who have opposite ideals; however, she is logical, and if something were to make sense, she would be much more open to accepting it.

Being the mother of a number of children, Barbara is tuned to her maternal instincts and would flock to those in need of a mother-figure to, in her words, "correctly show them the way." In truth, Barbara enjoys the company of young folk, reminding her of days caring for her own children, as well as the prime of her youth. Then again, she also enjoys gathering around those close to her age as well, taking and making gossip of day-to-day lives, something to add to life.

:iconbugtypeplz: X-Scissor

:iconnormaltypeplz: Quick Attack

:iconfightingtypeplz: Bulk Up

:icongroundtypeplz: Earthquake

History: This is the most important part of the form, as it defines your character and gives us a good idea of what they're like. The history will be a key factor when deciding over applications sent into the group. So include as much detail as possible! At least 2 paragraphs(5 standard length sentences) are required. Tell us of your character's past, what they've accomplished, if something happened, what they wish to become or do... Why do they want to move to town? Why are they moving from their hometown? Those exact questions aren't required to be answered, they are only possibilities for suggestion. Just make sure that you are not stating that the character has already moved into town. If this is your first character, technically they haven't gotten into town yet. You may change it once the character has been accepted.

- She picked up her catchphrase from her first son, she finds it fun to say.
- Takes her cane almost everywhere with her, just in case she needs to balance.
- Barbara has a thick German accent, and is fluent in the language.
- Jewish, but is open to all holiday experiences.
- Do not mistake her size and age for feebleness, she is quite strong due to her species and experience over the years.
- Regularly smooths out her pincers.
- Brock syndrome Her eye color is a deep shade of purple.
- Eyes will open when she is surprised.
- Purple is this Pinsir's favorite color.
- Barbara is actually a fan of video games, her grandchildren introduced it to her.
- Let's just say she "borrowed" her grandson's Wii U when she set off on her travels.
- Has a golden tooth that she inherited from her father when they came to Unova.
- If one were to get on Barbara's nerves enough, she will bap them over the head with her cane.
- Keeps a bowl of peppermint in her home, loves to snack on them.
- LOATHES puns, yet a fan of riddles.
- Terrified of dentists after a small incident occurred after her arrival in Unova, and only got check ups by her family's persistence. She is nervous around them, but is aware that they are important to her.
- Often carries a strong scent of peach blossom perfume on her.
- Has a collection of detailed combs which she uses to brush her hair.
- Still sings from time to time, and would enjoy giving a performance if asked.
- Takes medicine for potassium replacement each weekend.
- Knows how to sew and knit.
- Dislikes pool water, and the feeling she gets when it dries on her skin.
- Favorite flavor is spicy, least is sour.
- Her voice is Jo Stafford:…
Yup! For an entire week, me and my family drove all the way to Tennessee and Atlanta, in a huge van with my cousins.

Dear god the drive was hell, little to no space because bags were taking up more than half the space. My cousins were near always bickering with one another, and when they weren't doing that with each other, they try arguing with me. It was every kind of obnoxious.

However, we did enjoy the mountain terrain of the Smokey Mountains, and actually got to see snow! It wasn't snowing, but there was snow the night before, and it got onto o'l Smokey. It made everything so pretty omg.

Anyway, I'm back, now to work on some art! o/

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