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Randy: The Lucario papped his own neck as he walked into the Fable Castle. It was quite a sunny day and the Giratina haven't shown up for a while, so his injuries healed up quite well. In quite a good mood, he nearly flew up the stairs to meet up with his best friend, a certain steel fairy! "BOOM! Shep, are you ready?", Randy laughed as he just burst into the room, not knowing any shame or manner right now. It was still quite early, but how goes the saying? The early bird catches the fattest worm. Or something like that, right?

Sheppard: Sheppard was minding his own business in the castle, free from his butler duties to do some fun activities. Sadly, without any TV, there was no sports shows to be had. A shame, he is likely missing a game as we speak, but since there is no big seasons happening, it is games not to write home about. To substitute this, the Mawile was reading a book that he got from the library, he was enjoying it until a oh so familiar Lucario burst through the door. "Woah...! hey Randall, what's up?" you're not that easy to startle as I remember. Must be all the horror movies.

Randy: Randy had a huge grin on his face, although a little shimmer of disappointment where in his eyes. What, were you expecting your friend doing something else? He let out a silent giggle, stretching his arms up. "Eeeh, nothing, I was just about to get some more ingredients for the tavern and... since that includes going into a cave, I wanted to ask if ya wanted to join, ehh?" At this point, the jackal already knew about the nerdiness for stones and such about his friend, and enjoying some more quality time was always welcome for the mutt. "Whaddya say, ey? Put that old tome away and get some fresh air and movement, yes?" It was obvious to tell that Randy was quite excited about the idea - and for the densest of people, even his tail wagged quite wildly to make ot even more clear.

Sheppard: The Mawile blinked when he noticed that grin, this might either be good or bad news... thankfully, it was very much good news, the fairy's eyes sparkled at the mention of a cave, Randy knows this nerd so well. "Cave? Sure. I'd be happy to come along." Sheppard smiled, closing the book and putting it on the nearest desk he had. "I could some air too, and-" the iron imp was caught off when he realized that the Lucario's tail was wagging hard, he must really be excited. "Pffft you must really want to go. Well we shouldn't wait." the Mawile suggested, grabbing a few things for the exploration, such as a small bag and a few utensils to break some stone. "Ready?"

Randy: The only thing that would make this walk perfect, would be the addition of a collar and a leash-- not that Randy would ever suggest that, no, that would be dumb! Still with his grin he waited for his friend to get his preparations done. "I was ready when I nearly torn apart your door, dear friend!", Randy laughed, patting Shep's shoulder. "Okay, let's go!"
It took them quite a little even thought the cave was close. The jackal however didn't mind at all, so they had more time to talk about several games, sports and he let even Sheppard lecture him about stones a little. Till they stood before the dark entrance, a light breeze blowing against them.
"...well then, let's head in, shall we?", the Lucario activated a little Aura Sphere and kept it in the hand - using it as an alternative lamp - hence, oil was pretty expensive around here!

Sheppard: Though I bet it would be a fun activity between him and Yorrick, wink wink, nudge nudge, hit hit. "Yeah, you really need to not do that, Randall, but at least it's still standing." The Mawile sighed, but chuckled soon after, he was getting used to his best friend's very quirky ways. Though if that door did went kapoot, the fairy wouldn't be taking things so well.
After who knows how long of chatting, the two finally made it to their destination. Sheppard felt the wind push against him, "There must be an exit on the other side..." he thought out loud to himself. His eyes were soon focused the Lucario's move in action, "...Good thinking, Randall." he complimented his friend before saying, "Yeah, let's get moving."

Randy: "Hu? You think so? Maybe we can find it if we dig in deep enough.", the Lucario chuckled before winking towards the fairy, "And ya know the saying: Even a blind hen finds a corn." He let out a little sigh before stepping into the cave. And even though it was quite a warm and sunny day outside, in the cave itself it was rather fresh and moist. The jackal shuddered a little as he accidentally stepped into a little pile of mud. "...ew. Well then, I'm here for some mushrooms I was told that they grow here. If ya find something interesting tho, tell me~"

Sheppard: "Maybe we can." the fairy responded back immediately, though gave a questionable look when his friend told him that phrase. "...Right." he said, his thoughts telling him not to say anymore. He never heard that phrase, guess this blind hen has yet to find that corn. "We should get inside." The fairy spoke, entering the cave with the jackal. The place reminded him of a cave he ventured through a long time ago, thankfully there were no giant bats in here. "Be careful where you step." the Mawile told his best friend, being more wary of the surroundings, "Sure, we'll look around and both try to find what we can look for in here." with a nod, Sheppard moved forward, deeper into the cave.

Randy: With a little disgust, he shook the mud off his foot, following the Mawile. He had to wonder how a former bird could move so safely in a cave - yet, he reminded himself again that Sheppard was a stone-nerd and that pretty much explained it as well. With his normal kinda 'bored' expression back on face, he scanned his surroundings. Yet he didn't expected to find any mushrooms soon, they apparently grew far more deeper inside the cave. ", anything smart about this cave here, Shep?"

Sheppard: Right on the money, Randy. He's been cave exploring for years, ever since he was a Skarmory chick, going off to explore the tunnel near his home city. Though his eyes remained forward, the Mawile took notice of the jackal's question, "This cave might be made of limestone. There is a lot of moisture in here, so there is likely an underground river or water reservoir beneath us, so this place is a result of dissolving chemicals in the limestone due to the water... The conditions in here do feel like it can help support moss or even mushrooms, but that is likely on the other side of this cave. The deeper we go, the better the mineral." There he goes, rock loser extraordinaire. "Remember to watch your step", he advised, slowly moving his feet over the mud beneath. Mud makes him slippery.

Randy: The jackal just blinked slowly, note entirely sure if he just got everything the fairy just told him. ", interesting.", he mumbled and looked at the walls to the side. Better he would had looked forward or even down since - BAM! There the jackal already slipped and landed on his rump. "...ouch.", he growled, accidentally put the Aura Sphere to an end so both friends were covered in complete darkness. "...well..."

Sheppard: "Yeah, it's pretty something how complex the place can get with just some water." Sheppard chuckled, a small grin on his face as he thought more about it. He was raised on stone, so it makes him a little happy when he can talk about and not get called out as a dork or nerd just for his interests. At least he hoped his best friend won't just label him as that, and see him as only a rock nerd. Which still are, Sheppard. While on the move, the Mawile stopped in his tracks when he heard the Lucario slip and fall, then FWOOSH, darkness abound. "...You okay, Randall?!" the fairy asked with concern, he was blind as a Zubat in this cave.

Randy: Well, too bad Sheppard, Randy was actually already thinking that you are a dork AND a nerd, but a very cute one actually. And definitely not in a bad way, he find it actually quite amazing how much love the fairy put into this hobby. With a silent groan the jackal got up again, rubbing his four letters. "...Yeah, I should be. Just let me...", he snapped his fingers a few times, like he would try to lit up a lighter, till another small Aura Sphere finally lit up. Not knowing that he actually woke up something deeper in the cave with his snapping. "There we go."

Sheppard: At least you aren't rubbing it in his face, Randy, that would basically set him off to explode at some point. The Mawile waited in the darkness for a response, and settled quickly when the jackal spoke and relight the darkness in the cave. "...I told you to watch your step." the fairy muttered with a sigh, extending his hand for the canine to grab so he can pull him up.

Randy: Thankfully, the jackal grabbed the hand to get up, rubbing over his nose a little embarrassed. "...Shush you, even I can slip sometimes, okay?", he mumbled with a pout, papping his friend's shoulder. "Now let's forget that and head in deeper, shall we?"

Sheppard: Once the Lucario had gotten hold of the Mawile's hand, Sheppard carefully pulled him up from the ground until he could properly stand. "I know that, still-- pfft." The iron fairy noticed the pout that formed on the Lucario's face, reminds me of a certain dragon... Sheppard decided to drop any teasing he felt through his body so that they can continue the exploration. "Yeah... let's." Soon enough, the two were right back to walking.

Randy: Randy got lost in thoughts as they headed in deeper and deeper, always keeping an eye out for his mushrooms. At some point they even found some, different stones and such. Yet, the exploring-feeling was strong today, so they headed in even deeper. Although, the walls soon began to change in appearance. getting more rough and darker. "...isn't it strange that we haven't yet met any Zubats or Parasects...? I always thought they live in caves like th-", Randy suddenly stopped, reaching out for his friends shoulder to rather forcefully stop him from walking any further. "...did you heard that?", the jackal whispered, starring into the darkness right before them. His head-bands slowly raising upwards as if they would try to strengthen his senses even further.

Sheppard: This exploration of theirs was already providing some material for both to work with. While Randy collected his shrooms, don't get high on them Sheppard gathered a few stones and stuffed them into his bag. One was covered in moss, which indicated that if they go deeper, even more of this underground fauna will be found, and with it finer mineral. Sheppard stopped when he heard his friend asking his question, but was cut off, "Maybe... what's wrong?" The Mawile's greatest strength lies in his sight, not so much his hearing. When Randall asked if he heard something, Sheppard tried to listen in, he would say that it was just rocks falling, but his Careful nature had to be sure. "...I don't hear much." he whispered to the canine, he was unsure of what was up ahead until the sounds of heavy footsteps began to thunder through the darkness. "Somethings there!"

Randy: The Lucario's eyes literally began to glow as he tensed up more, every muscle ready to make a move. Since the one week in the woods during the shadow bug breakout, Randy learned to trust his instincts more than his thoughts and speculations. And hence, his instincts were outstanding! Just in a blink of an eye, he pushed Sheppard to the side while ducking down himself, just barely avoiding a rock to the face. "Whatever it is, it's not friendly.", he growled, showing his teeth in a feralish manner. "...Run or fight is now the question."

Sheppard: Sheppard tried to focus in on the creature that was coming toward them, but it was far too dark to even get an image. Rocco started to react to the uneasiness of the fairy, growling fiercely, "Rocco, stay qu-" the Mawile was then cut off when the Lucario friend of his pushed him, avoiding the rock that came soaring right towards them. "Skrack!" the fariy cried out as he fell on his rump, his maw snarling at the action. "Okay, yeah... something's there." Sheppard spoke out, the footsteps getting louder and louder with each step. There appeared to be anger in them. Looking toward Randy, the Mawile started to process his words, "With me, it won't be easy to run..." the Mawile rather not attack a wild animal that is likely to be only defending it's home, but he can't exactly be quick enough to escape. That and who knows how violent this feral Pokemon was, it would be dangerous if it got a hold of one of them. "We have to fight then..." he proclaimed, trying to stand himself up.

Randy: Randy nodded when he heard the explanation from his friends. He knew that just too well himself - he could have always carried the fairy out too, but Sheppard decided differently. Out of the shadows, a deep growling and obviously angry Gigalith, appeared, shooting another rock. "...That's a big guy!", the Lucario snarled, detecting the rock once again to avoid any damage for now. "Any ideas, Shep?"

 Sheppard didn't thought of that idea, he wasn't very creative after all, and he wouldn't let himself just be taken away like that. He has pride to take care of, after all, this is a wild Pokemon, not a god. The Mawile ducked when another rock came his way, thankfully this giant liaving boulder was aiming for Randy instead of him. "Well this is a rock type, so we should use Steel and Fighting against it." Once again, just not creative, but the plan still works. The maw on the back of Sheppard's head growled, making the fairy pet it to calm it down. "Just be careful going in." Sheppard advised his friend before glimmering like steel, setting up an Iron Defense to raise... well his defense, duh.

Randy: The jackal couldn't help himself but to grin a little. Well, he could have thought of these ideas himself, but he didn't said anything and instead just nodded with agreement. Hey, if you want to get someone a little more creative, you have to make them feel good about the ideas, right?
"Well, then, let's head in!", he grinned and sprinted towards the rock-type for a Close Combat. Well Randy, would you have just thought a little less, you would have seen the Smack Down coming. Right into the guts, Randy collapsed with a groan.

 While Randall ran in with his move, the Mawile went ahead with another Iron Defense, being sure that his defenses are up enough to take anymore rocks. "Randall, you okay?!" he called out to the Lucario with worry, the maw on his head snarling in the direction of the Gigalith. The giant stone monster continued to trod toward the two, with how close to the jackal was to it, it was it's target, and the Mawile couldn't exactly get close and personal at this distance, and his lack of speed. "Don't touch him!" the fairy cried out, his eyes reflecting the Gigalith in his pupils. Using Mirror Move, Sheppard recreated the stone that the Gigalith made, and used it's own Smack Down against it, aiming right toward it's body. It made contact, but little was done to it, and now it's attention was set on the Mawile, launching a rock toward him now. Having nowhere and way to run, the fairy raised up his guard. Due to Iron Defense, the damage was very little, but he still fell backwards and landed on his rump. "Ack!" he yelped once he landed.

Randy: With a silent, but annoyed groan, the jackal stood up again. Getting rocks into your face hurt a lot more when you weren't made out of stone anymore. He could only hear his friend screaming and falling on his back once again. Now, deep growling, he turned around to the living stone again. "You just didn't!", an angry aura appearing around the mutt, going in for another Close Combat again. And actually making contact this time. However, the Gigalith didn't seemed pretty impressed and just Headbutt-ed the mutt back, Randy staggering backwards, a little disoriented by the impact.

Sheppard: Getting your butt thrown around by a Pokemon that is weak to you, you are a monumental achievement for battling mon everywhere Sheppard. The fairy groaned as he tried to get up, making sure he was balanced on the ground to try a move. Noticing that the Lucario was staggering after the headbutt, Sheppard assumed that he flinched, but remembering that his friend had Inner Focus, Randy likely got a nasty wonk instead. "Hey! Ugly!" the iron fairy cried out, catching the living bolder's attention, getting that angry stare and becoming it's target. "Let's see how you like it!" thanks to the practicing that he had done with Randy and Connor before, Sheppard managed to take swing his maw right at the creature in the form of Iron Head. While there was contact, the creature didn't seem very phased, but luck was on his side as the creature flinched. No Inner Focus to help you rock buddy, this is why Spongebob went with Bubble Buddy.

Randy: The jackal shook his head with a snarl, to chase the stars infront of his eyes away. How annoying! But Randy wouldn't be Randy if this would bother the thick headed mutt for long. It took him another second to orientate himself, only to see his friend smashing the living rock. "Hehe, good job, Sheps!", without leaving the Gigalith a chance to recover, the jackal dashed forwards with a Metal Claw. A nasty sound was created when metal met rock, but Randy left quite a wound on wild one, leaving a big weak point. "Hmpf... it's more sturdy than I thought... Even with super effective hits - it just eats them nearly up!"

 Sheppard was rather happy to have gotten a compliment from his friend, though the pressing matter of the rock creature still standing with barely a noticeable care to their attacks continues to be a concern. "Thanks, but this guy just won't go down." Giving an angry glare to the fairy, the Gigalith shakes off it's flinch, and with no time to get away, lands a direct headbutt right onto the Mawile. "GAH!!" Sheppard cried out, as the impact was a critical hit, shattering through his Iron Defense buff, sending the poor fairy sliding onto the cave and into the darkness of the cave. "That stings...!" the boy muttered while wincing, with his eyes shut tightly, now flinching himself. Karma is quite the unforgiving mistress.

Randy: With a silent grunt - and a little help with Detect - the jackal avoided another attack, actually trying to gain some distance between him and the rock. Which only led the angry feral being between the two friends. "Sheppard, you okay?!", Randy yelled, keeping the Gigalith occupied with some little Quick Attacks while dodging the heavy stomps. If he had to, Randall would lure the thing far away from Sheppard if this keeps his friend save! "You little dumb piece of a boulder!", he snarled, going in for a Power-Up Punch only to be smacked away once again.

Sheppard: How far did that Gigalith send Sheppard back with that move? Enough for the fairy not to be able to see his friend, yet could hear his voice. "Yeah, I'm good...! Where-" in the distance, the Mawile listened to the sounds of his friend battling the living bolder, yet worry grew as he heard attacks, and the voice of his friend being harmed. His body recovering from the flinch, the boy managed to slowly get off the ground. "Randall...!" The poor boy felt that this would not be a battle that can be won, the thought of trying to get away flew through his mind; however, the thought of his friend being left alone to the fate of that rock... No, Randy is his best friend, no way would the fairy leave him here! "Randall!!" he cried out another time, then suddenly... light flashed in the darkness. The fairy's sight was soon focused on the source of the light, it was glimmering every so brightly under it. Sheppard felt like it was resonating with him, bending down to dig out the source, it turned into a small marble like crystal... it's "A Mega Stone?"

Randy: "WON'T YOU JUST?!", the Lucario growled while trying to dodge several flying rocks. It may would look like rather wild, but Randy had the whole fight in eye - even Sheppard, to whom the distance grew slowly further and further. He may get himself injured, but at least his friend will be safe.
Only when a flash of energy crawled up his spine, letting him shiver. He knew that kind of power. He felt it before again, and the keystone in his pocket getting warmer only proved his suspicion. It couldn't be... "Sheppard! What are you doing?! Get away from here!", the jackal yelled over, when the Gigalith just used this opening to headbutt Randall once more.

Sheppard: Sheppard's eyes glimmered, yet appeared in a form of trance. The fairy felt the stone resonating with his body, the maw on the back of his swayed lightly as the light filled the cave. When Randall called out to him, Sheppard snapped to his senses, turning in the direction of the fight, and walking as fast as he can. "Randall, hang on!" he yelled out, the light growing more and more strong, sensing the bond between the friends, as well as they keystone that the jackal had been holding onto as he came close. Once the Gigalith was in sight, Sheppard didn't give a moment to smack the creature with an Iron Head. It barely budged, but now it's attention was on the fairy, raising it's feet up high, it smashed right down to shake the cavern, causing a Rock Slide, trying to bury the Mawile under the rubble.

Randy: Randy just came back to his senses, seeing his friend attack the angry stone once again. Stupid fairy!, was all the mutt could think as he tried getting on his feet again - only to stumble over by the Rock Slide again, reaching the arm out to his friend. He was just too far away to take in the attack. Yet, the Lucario only wished for the safety of the Mawile. It was his strongest feeling, too keep his friend safe. Randy nearly burst from the mix of emotions towards Sheppard - if his body wouldn't say otherwise and rejected any more fast movements. All the aura mutt could do, was clenching a fist around the burning keystone, feeling that he was way closer to his friend than they actually, physically were right now.

Sheppard: Despite the situation, the iron fairy was more concerned for the safety of his friend, even trying to call out to him, but it took only seconds for the rocks to start piling around and over the Mawile until all he could see was stone. Funny, for a rock nerd this is the way you will go, that's ironic too. But the mega stone soon picked up the emotion between the two friends, as they say "friendship has no distance," and grew brighter than a star. Resonating with the keystone, the Mawilite in Sheppard's hand engulfed him in a field of light inside the rubble, as can be seen between the cracks. Sheppard felt a warm sensation, one of which he could feel the friendship he had with Randall, it was building, bigger and bigger until it literally burst. The rubble around the fairy was sent hurtling away, and when Sheppard could finally see, he stood himself up, yet there was something different. He felt a bigger, stronger... and now there were two growling mouths at the back of his head. "Woah...!" he muttered to himself. The fairy done it. He's now a Mega Mawile! But no time to revel in this, there is still an angry Gigalith to take care of, and the creature isn't exactly going to give the Mawile a round of applause. "Randall, stay back!" Sheppard advised, both Rocco and the new maw growling fiercely at the living stone.

Randy: No need to tell him that, Sheppard! The Lucario actually already just took a few steps backwards when he saw the light - only to still get hit by one of the flying rocks that were sent of during the evolution. With a huff he rubbed his damaged forehead (good you have a thick skull, boy) while watching the new fairy from head to toe. Another shiver went trough his spine... sure, he was pretty glad that his friend could do this yet... envy and doubts began to crawl into his heart again. Randy shook his head , pushing these thought into a dark corner. Taking another few steps backwards to give the-- three headed fairy more room to beat up the stone. At least, the chances were a lot better now.

Sheppard: Glares were exchanged between Sheppard and this wild Gigalith once the fairy knew the jackal would avoid anymore harm, though unknowingly caused damage to the Lucario already. Such a good friend you are, Sheppard. Unimpressed and not even concerned with the fairy's change, the Gigalith went in with another Headbutt directly at the Mega Mawile. Countering this, Sheppard lunged in with his Iron Head, and once the two skulls bashed against each other the Gigalith was blown back by the impact, while the fairy barely moved an inch. Sheppard blinked when the living rock staggered back, "Woah...!" yet again from him.

Randy: A little uneasy, the Lucario crawled away to the side as the first impact released another wave of energy. Randy wasn't the most sensitive with this aura-stuff but even him could now feel the power pulsing trough the fairy. It was weird seeing the best friend like that... Sure Sheppard was never weak, yet seeing him that strong gave him another chill. Randy got up again, seeing the Gigalith slowly but surely getting it's butt beaten up. Now, a grin appeared on his lips. "C'mon Sheppard! Kick this guy to the moon!"

Sheppard: Despite the powerful blow it was dealt with, the Gigalith refused to flee from this battle and lunged in with another headbutt. Sheppard shielded himself as the titan rock came in with the attack, raising up another Iron Defense. Yet again the Mawile barely budged by the collision, and just rammed his Iron Head against the colossal boulder. The Gigalith stumbled once again by the blow of the impact, and went in yet again. Moves were exchanged, yet the mega fairy continued to be at the top, withering away the feral's stamina more and more. After hearing the motivation coming from his best friend, Sheppard smiled confidently, saying, "You got it! Let's go Rocco-- and..." oh right, there is a second maw now. "Never mind, just go!" Both maws snarl viciously, lunging toward the Gigalith with a not so gentle Play Rough. Once the cloud of painful love vanished, the Gigalith just stood for a moment before finally collapsing to the ground, knocked out. "...We did it!" the Mega Mawile cheered, feeling accomplished at taking down this wild beast of rock.

Randy: Seeing that his friend could just handle this fight by himself now, the jackal actually just leaned back more relaxed and enjoyed the show. Heck, he wouldn't get in there and risk getting accidentally in the way.
After the Gigalith finally fainted, Randy came curiously closer. "...Amazing. Poor thing tho, you did quite some damage on it.", carefully, he eyed the both maws , rubbing his own nose. "...Where did you found that Megastone in the first place? Did ya had it before we came in here...?"

Sheppard: Never had the fairy experienced such a thrill in his life, at least one that didn't involve him on the getting his butt handed to him by wild beasts end. After his short round of self-cheering, the fairy calmed down and gave a sigh of relief as he looks onto the fainted Gigalith, he left quite a mark on this titan. Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Jäger!
Sheppard looked toward his friend as he came close, nodding at his words, "Yeah, couldn't stand a chance." No need to grow an ego now. The Mega Mawile thought about Randy's question and replied with "I found it in the cave. It started glowing when..." this was a little awkward to say for the fairy, so he scratched his bandage out of habit, "you were fighting that thing. I got worried, I wanted to help you in any way I can. I couldn't exactly leave my best friend alone like that."

Randy: Carefully, the jackal touched the Gigalith, wondering if he should at least put some of the herbs he had on it. Leaving it alone just like that... he felt a little sorry for the guy.
"...really?", Randy meant a little surprised, actually blushing a little. And there he wanted to lure the rock away from Sheppard so at least he could have been safe... how selfish. "...what a lucky coincidence.", he came to a conclusion, eyeing his friend once again. "...I mean, that I even had a Keystone with me. And... you're feeling alright? Nothing odd?"

Sheppard: "Be careful." the fairy advised when the Lucario touched the monstrous rock, you can't be too sure if it will suddenly get back up to attack again. Even if Sheppard laid a beating on this poor, unfortunate, angry fellow.
"Yeah." the Mega Mawile replied back, he knew this would get awkward, can't two young men declare their worry and deep friendship for another? Who knows. Sheppard stopped his bandage scratching to answer Randy's question more clearly, "I'm fine... at least I feel fine." The fairy did pick up a few things, obviously he was far stronger than ever with his mega ability. He was also closer to his friend's height, though not by much, standing at a decent 5'9" ft. Sheppard then looked behind him to the two maws that were now present, which then turned to face the jackal. "Well... I got two of them now, that is odd."

Randy: The jackal played around with the keystone in his hand, before munching on some herbs. Only to put them on the wounds. Randy was pretty sure that this fellow will stay out cold for quite a while.
"...that's good that's good.", he meant with a relieved sigh, pushing trough his spine. At first he was worried about various reasons. But his concerns seemed to be unfounded. "Now well... Rocco... and Rollo, hm? Like Rock'n'Roll.", Randy laughed a little at this idea, looking around. "...maybe we should go now tho. I have enough mushrooms and don't really want to stumble into another of these guys."

Sheppard: Sheppard gave a quizzical look at to why the Lucario wanted to help the creature, but he immediately reminds himself that the two were trespassing it's territory, and it couldn't be helped but to fight it.
The Mega Mawile was a little more concerned with having a third mouth, however, how long until the evolution wears off before he can get rid of it? We'll have to wait and see, loser. Sheppard gave an exasperated sigh when Randy gave his second maw a name, "Really?", like you can come up with anything better, besides it's pretty clever. "...Alright, we'll call it Rollo." Like I said, you can't think of anything better. "We should get out of here, I got plenty of rocks as it is, and now a Mega Stone... weird that we found it here." the fairy commented as he started walking forward, going for the exit.

Randy: With a few berries leaving near the rock-creature, Randy finally followed his friend in direction of the exit. He actually head to laugh a little that the fairy just accepted the silly name - but hey, at least it fits, right? "I wouldn't have guessed to find one here. Of all places. Maybe some feral carried it inside a long time ago." The jackal still kept a little distance to the maws. He knew Rocco well enough and two with the same temper could maybe end up a little bad. "But hey, that's actually pretty cool too. Now we have another force to give the dragon a hard time~" Randall snickered silently while already starting to sort the mushrooms in his basket around. "...we should put the stone in a necklace or something so it's easier to wear for ya."

Sheppard: "Neither did I." the fairy replied to his best friend, "It could have been a feral, but it might have also been made here. The cavern is pretty rich in minerals, it could have formed by itself." The Mega Mawile waved an arm, his mind starting to delve into a cave itself, now that he has a Mega Stone he will have a desire to study it. Maybe once the island returns to normal, he can borrow a lab to check it's properties. While the Lucario kept his distance from the maws, both just swayed and growled in a low volume, matching Sheppard's deep thinking of rocks. The iron fairy stopped to look at his friend, "...Yeah. I feel stronger than ever. Though I don't want to use a necklace, maybe a bracelet?" Sheppard raised his arm, he can't think of any other way to wear that Mega Stone, but he rather it be comfortable. "I feel some wind coming at us, we must be close to the exit."

Randy: The jackal was about to say something about the Mega-Stone but instead just left it alone. Going after his own thoughts about this and that when the fairy suddenly stopped and Randy nearly bumped into the maws. He let out a little sigh, taking a step backwards only to think about it as well. "...Sure, a bracelet can always work too. Or like a belt, wearing around the ankle. I even saw piercings done. The possibilities are endless.", he meant with a nod, only just now feeling the breeze. "...oh, you're right." Weird, Randall didn't noticed that. Maybe he was too sunken in the thoughts. "...well, that was quite an adventure, wasn't it? HAHA!"

Sheppard: Sheppard thought over the options the jackal gave him, though a face of doubt and worry flashed on his face when the jackal talked about piercings, "Noooo thank you, but a bracelet or belt can work. Until I find something, I'll just carry the stone in pockets for now." The fairy grinned when the Lucario gave that hearty laugh, "Yeah, it was pretty 'Mega exciting'- haha," You shouldn't do jokes. Scratching his bandage out of embarrassment, the fairy started walking again, "C'mon, we're almost out." He motioned his best friend to follow, won't be long now.

Randy: Randy nodded slowly in agreement - already thinking about how to make a cool bracelet or belt for his best friend. Old habits die hard. But when he heard the pun, the jackal nearly chocked on his own spit. It wasn't the most funny, sure, but it still took him by surprise. "I'm going I'm going!", he giggled while following the fairy. Only to raise a brow slowly. "...So, how long do you want to keep that evo up?"

Sheppard: Hearing the jackal's question, Sheppard began to ponder how long this evolution of his will last, "I... actually don't know. Never Mega Evolved before, but it should be temporary like Gwen's. I'm not sure how long this will last." While the Mega Mawile was unsure of the time, he did enjoy this form. He was bigger, stronger, and felt a lot of energy inside him, the only drawback was that he now had two unruly maws on the back of his head. Thankfully he was fed before he arrived to this cave, and his mind lacked any pent up emotions right now to make them act out, the worst they did was sway with the fairy's thoughts. While walking, the fairy caught light in his eyes, "There's our exit."

Randy: "...well, normally the evolution drains power from you till to a certain degree you'll just change back. --At least that is what I heard of.", the jackal mumbled. Randy already caught the light a few minutes ago. But it was still better to keep the Aura Sphere up. No need to stumble or slip again. "...phew. Feels like an eternity we spend in here. And I know, it was probably just a few hours."

Sheppard: "That makes sense." the fairy replied to his friend's answer, now that he thought of it, that immense energy and power he once felt wasn't exactly peaking like before. They have been in that cave for quite some time, and there were no more battles to be fought to keep the form, it was only a matter of time. "No, I get you, kind of was an eternity having to track through there." Sheppard chuckled, continuing to walk straight into the light until he reached the other side... no, he did isn't a ghost now, excuse. "It's good to get some sun again." Sheppard stretched his arms, both of his maws yawning in content. Turning to face the Lucario, Sheppard was about to say something until a familiar glow appeared on his body, covering him from head to toe as his figure shrunk and the two maws merged back into one. Once the light finally stopped, the fairy stood blinking, then realizing, "Looks like I'm back to normal." checking himself by looking behind, only to be greeted with a single drooling maw. "Yup, I'm back to a normal Mawile."

Randy: The jackal blinked into the light and when the first rays touched his nose, he had to sneeze. "Ah, yeah, it's quite a good feeling~", Randy sighed, stretching his arms up before checking his basket with the mushrooms. One of his ears peaked up, followed by his head once he noticed his friend wanted to say something. Only to watch the de-evolution.
Not even noticing himself, Randall actually let another, more relieved sigh seeing his best friend turning to normal again. An inner tension fell off. "Yepp, only Rocco again. So? How was it?"

Sheppard: Despite now just having one maw to handle, the fairy will miss that power. But cheer up loser, you can show it off to everyone once Abaddon sticks his not so pretty head into another kingdom to cause panic. That and any occasion where a mega was needed. "Yup. Got to say, that was a pretty cool experience." The fairy nodded before suddenly thinking of how close he really was to the jackal to activate the evolution. Sheppard never really felt this close of a bond to anyone but his brother, and even then, he couldn't ask for a better best friend like Randy. Sheppard smiled to himself as he thought about it, but then said, "We should get going now." Aww come on, be a little more open of how you feel dude.

Randy: Randall himself... didn't really thought about anything in particular to be honest. He just yawned, his mind drifting away to all kind of thoughts that didn't hold on long though. Yet, his hand went trough another pocket, touching his own Mega Stone. The jackal froze for a moment-- when the voice of his friend pulled him back into reality. Quietly, the jackal nodded, following his friend once again.

The journey has come to a close, the two friends returning to their kingdom, and enjoying the bounty of their expedition. What will happen now that Sheppard found a Mega Stone? Only time will tell.
PKMN Armonia :: Mega Cave Adventure

Oh my goood this was super long. BUT AT LAST!

Sheppard and Randy went out exploring a cave during the medieval times, brought upon by the power of the Anti-Matter God, Abaddon, only to come across a dangerous animal... and a new form of power.

Randy - :iconfluwe:

Word Count: 6805
Yup! For an entire week, me and my family drove all the way to Tennessee and Atlanta, in a huge van with my cousins.

Dear god the drive was hell, little to no space because bags were taking up more than half the space. My cousins were near always bickering with one another, and when they weren't doing that with each other, they try arguing with me. It was every kind of obnoxious.

However, we did enjoy the mountain terrain of the Smokey Mountains, and actually got to see snow! It wasn't snowing, but there was snow the night before, and it got onto o'l Smokey. It made everything so pretty omg.

Anyway, I'm back, now to work on some art! o/

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